Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars has made it into their 6th season and is still one of the number one watched shows on tv. This show is pretty entertaining and surprising to see celbrities do ballroom dancing. It's amazing to see the progress some of them make and then the others that make no progress are just hard to watch. The most shocking part of this season was when Cheetah Girl, Sabrina Bryant, was shockingly voted off after only a short time on the show. She was the best on their and the fact that she messed up on one step and then got voted off goes to show how pepole need to vote and how people also vote to mess up results just like American Idol with Sanjaya!!

See it ****

Friday, October 19, 2007

iconic reviewers

Ebert & Roeper are two of the most noticable movie reviewers of all time. When someone says one of there names, everyone knows exactly who they are. A team for a number of years, Ebert & Roeper have reviewed over 1,000 movies. I think that these two people are very iconic because when i think of movie reviewing I think of them. Even though sometimes I disagree with their reviews, overall they are good at what they do.

Friday, October 12, 2007

a Kid Nation= a Bad Nation!

There is a new show on tv called "Kid Nation" which is about deserting about 20 kids in a little abandoned town where they will need to work together and take care of themselves. This is one of the stupidest shows I have ever seen. If you were a parent, why would you sign your 7 year old child to go and be in a deserted place for 3 months or however long they are out there for. I mean come on look at this picture to the right. Would you want your little child wheeling around a large wheel barrel full of luggage like that?? I know I wouldn't put my kid through that just so they can be on a stupid reality tv show.
*Skip it

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is a new tv show on the CW and it is a really great show. It is based on the book series of the same title written by Cecily von zeinger and this show really realtes to the book.I love this show and even though still not as good as the books I would definetly say watch this!!! All the drama and twists in this show will defiently keep you hooked.
*****See it

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Team Lauren or Team Heidi?

The Hills is a reality show on MTV, following the life of Lauren Conrad, of Laguna Beach fame. The show, now in its third season, shows Lauren after her ex-best friend Heidi moved out to live with her obnoxious boyfriend Spencer. In the new season Audrina, Lauren's new bff, moves in with her and they go through new drama together. Heidi tries a couple times to reunite with Lauren, but every time she tries Lauren won't give her the time of day because of what Heidi did too her, which was spread nasty rumors and lies about Lauren and her ex-boyfriend,Jason. I would definetly say to watch this show because the drama is so ridiculous and catty that it draws you in. This also goes to show that girls in The Hills aren't always so nice.
****See it

Friday, September 21, 2007

Superbad is Supergood!

Superbad is one of the funniest movies i have seen in a really long time. This movie is about how three high school seniors try to get booze and lose their virginity before heading off to college. The main characters Seth(Jonah Hill) and Evan(Michael Cera) were fantastic with their outrageous one liners and great chemistry. But the scenes that stole the movie were with new-comer Christopher Mintz-Plasse who plays Fogell, better known as McLovin and the two very funny cops played by Seth Rogen and Bill Hader. This movie is hilarious and it isn't just another one of those cheesy high school movies. I definetly think everyone should go see this movie because it keeps you laughing the whole time.
***** See it